Joe Hoyle

Tough Month at Human Made

The passed few weeks have been a whilwind at Human Made. We made the decision to downsize the company to meet the customer demand we have been able to generate, rather than what we had planned for.

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PHP-Deno: Learning Rust the Hard Way

For several years I've been interested in the edge-computing “v8 isolates everywhere” approach to building web applications and the like. From a software perspective, I think the idea is enticing: lightweight JavaScript that is secure, simple and fast. Easy to deploy, cheap and portable.

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WP REST API TypeScript Generator

A tool to generate TypeScript types file from your site's WordPress REST API. Enter your WordPress site's URL and download the type definitions.

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Tachyon Playground

Tachyon is an on-demand image resizing service. This is a tool to experiment with Tachyon image resizing parameter in real-time.

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